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Programming Developer Help with your OwnSocial Site — Select number of hours up to 10 @ $150/hr.


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By making this purchase, I recognize that COCREATEX INC OwnSocial™ is in “Beta,” and as a result I agree that the terms and conditions of this sale or service may be changed, expanded, or updated at any time and for any reason, for any current or any past OwnSocial™ site that I am or we are purchasing or that I or we have previously purchased (“CCX Terms of Service”). I understand that COCREATEX INC OwnSocial™ must comply with, and therefore I and we also hereby agree to comply with, all applicable 3rd party terms of service to which COCREATEX INC OwnSocial™ is subject, which also may be subject to change at any time. I understand and agree that COCREATEX INC can not and will not provide refunds. In addition, I or we understand that COCREATEX INC will provide additional terms of service later in the purchasing process.
Your purchase of one or more OwnSocial™ network(s) is governed by the CCX Terms of Service, as these may be amended, restated, or otherwise updated from time to time, which you are required to accept as a condition to your purchase of any COCREATEX INC OwnSocial™ network and which you shall be deemed to accept when you purchase an OwnSocial™ network or when you use your OwnSocial™ network for the first time.
You should understand that your purchase of an OwnSocial™ network entitles you to a limited license to set up and use an OwnSocial™ network in accordance with the CCX Terms of Service but does not transfer to you, nor shall it be deemed to transfer, any intellectual property used in connection with your OwnSocial™ network or that is embedded within your OwnSocial™ network.



Programming Developer Help with your OwnSocial Site — Select number of hours up to 10 @ $150/hr