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OwnSocial® is a platform for distributed social networking. The ElevatorTM above is a portal to the network. We have been listening and recognizing the woes of internet users and their data being under the control of powerful social media conglomerates like Facebook and Twitter. People are tired of competing for traffic and rolling the dice with privacy while their data is sold, censored, and processed in ways that don’t make sense for their primary intended audiences.

Opt in …or don’t!

OwnSocial® breaks up centralized control and instead exists as a network of independent networks, or spheres. Each sphere’s owner decides its rules. Maximize publicity or keep all your group’s data private. Cross-platform syndication, or automatic post sharing opens up a world of possibilities. Each post exchange channel is an opt-in handshake, meaning admins decide what comes in and what goes out.

Network of NetworksTM

The OwnSocial® Distributed Social Network empowers you to create and monetize your own social network at your own website URL and swap content with other networks. You can even configure your own ElevatorTM and Network of NetworksTM for your enterprise.


What’s a Distributed Social Network?

A Distributed Social Network (DSN) is a combination of websites or web applications that exist at their own domain and make their own rules. Each individual site or instance can decide its own preferences for publishing (pushing out) and accepting (taking in) syndicated content.

Why do I need my own social network?

While each person or community has unique reasons and functions for their OwnSocial® network, the driving factor is the same – People are tired of Silicon Valley executives deciding what and how their data is used.

Keeping track of multiple social networks is a lot of work. Do I need to create multiple profiles?

Our goal is to simplify the lives of internet users by connecting different spheres under a common network protocol. In doing this, we enable you to maintain just one profile across an entire ecosystem of different communities, websites, and social networks.

How do I get started?

Join an existing community, or you can build your own. You can browse public OwnSocial® networks at If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can build your own.

Can I choose my own web domain / URL?

Yes! When you build a new OwnSocial® network using our Builder, it will be given a subdomain of your choosing ( e.g. [yoursubdomain] However, you will have full control over the resulting website to move it to any domain of your choosing ( e.g. []). Read Here or Contact Us to learn about acquiring domain names.

What am I able to customize?

The possibilities are endless. Keep it simple or spruce it up to your heart’s desire. Your OwnSocial® network is built on WordPress, a free and open-source content management system used by about 1/3 of websites across the world by some metrics. You’re free to customize your website content and theme as much as you like as long as you keep the OwnSocial ConnectTM Plugin installed and active.

Is there a mobile app?

We are building a mobile responsive progressive web app in 2021 and hope to launch native iOS and Android apps in early 2022 for browsing OwnSocial SpheresTM and publishing content.

What’s Syndication?

Put simply, syndication is automatic sharing. More specifically, syndicating content is automated content or post publishing that follows the rules you define. It’s a way to get all the stuff you care about in one place. And a way for others to see your content when it’s relevant to them. Each syndication channel is a two-way handshake where the publisher and the receiver both choose to opt-in.

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